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Comprehensive Neuropsychology
Comprehensive Neuropsychology
Comprehensive Neuropsychology
Comprehensive Neuropsychology
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Christian Schutte, Ph.D., ABPP-CN
Comprehensive Neuropsychology, PLLC
20700 Civic Center Dr., Ste. 327
Southfield, MI, 48076
Phone: (734) 735-6788
Fax: (248) 864-8396
Henry Ford Allegiance Healthcare
        Jackson, Michigan
        Manager of Neuropsychology/Staff Neuropsychologist
Comprehensive Neuropsychology, PLLC
Southfield Michigan
2009 present
Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations
Department of Veterans Affairs, Detroit
Detroit, Michigan 2008-2017.
Staff Neuropsychology/ Rehabilitation Psychology-Polytrauma Clinic
Scott W. Zimostrad and Associates
Midland, MI 2004-2005
Midland Community Mental Health
Midland, MI 2004

State of Michigan (Full License #6301013374)

American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology (ABPP-CN)

2006                            Central Michigan University: Degree Ph.D.
2003                            Central Michigan University, Degree: MA  
2000                            Concordia University Ann Arbor, Degree: BA
1997                             Washtenaw Community College, Degree: Associates

2006-2008                   Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
Detroit, MI
Onsite supervisor: Robin Hanks, Ph.D., ABCN, Tom Gola, Ph.D.
2005                            Veterans Administration Medical Center
Buffalo, NY
Onsite supervisor: Laura Wray, Ph.D.

Spring 2005                Developmental Psychology
Fall 2004                     Developmental Psychology
Spring 2004                Clinical interviewing and Counseling Spring 2003      Developmental Psychology PROFESSIONAL APPOINTMENTS
State University Institutional Review Board alumni

International Neuropsychological Society American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology
National Academy of Neuropsychology

Reviewer for Neuropsychology
Reviewer for the Clinical Neuropsychologist
Reviewer for the Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology Reviewer for the Central European Journal of Medicine Reviewer for Neurocase
Reviewer Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Van Dyke, S., Axelrod, B. N., & Schutte, C. (2009-2010).  Utility of the Traumatic Brain Injury Screening Instrument in Predicting Cognitive and Affective Functioning in OEF/OIF Veterans. Department of Veterans Affairs Predoctoral Associated Health Rehabilitation Research Fellowship Program.

Axelrod, B.N. & Schutte, C. (2011). In J.S. Kreutzer, J. DeLuca & B. Caplan (Eds.).
Encyclopedia of clinical neuropsychology. New York, NY: Springer. contributor
Schutte, C. & Axelrod, B.N. (2011). In J.S. Kreutzer, J. Deluca & B. Caplan (Eds.).
Encyclopedia of clinical neuropsychology. New York, NY: Springer. contributor
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Miller, J. B., Axelrod, B. N., Schutte, C., & Davis, J. J. (In press).  Symptom and Performance Validity in Forensic Neuropsychology. In S. S Bush, G. J. Demakis, and M. L. Rohling (Eds).  APA Handbook of Forensic Neuropsychology.
Washington DC: APA Press.

Niebauer, C.L., Aselage, J. & Schutte, C. (2002). Hemespheric interaction and consciousness: degree of handedness predicts the intensity of sensory illusion. Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain & Cognition, 7, 85-96.
Skeel, R.L., Schutte, C., VanVoorst, W. & Nagra, A. (2006). Visual Contrast Sensitivity and Neuropsychological Performance in a Healthy Elderly Sample. Journal of Clinical & Experimental Neuropsychology, 28, 696-705.
Axelrod, B.N. & Schutte, C. (2010). Analysis of the demtia profile on the Medical Symptom Validity Test. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 24, 873-881.
Schutte, C. & Hanks, R. (2010). Impact of the presence of alcohol at the time of injury on acute and one year cognitive and functional recovery after traumatic brain injury. TheInternational Journal of Neuroscience, 120, 551-556.
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